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The top 1% of beans available on the market served at your table.


Jinotega Los Papales

Jinotega is located north of the capital, Managua, and is also called the “coffee capital”. The district Jinotega has an area of 9755 km² with 257 933 people living there. Around 40% of the total harvest of the country is from this region. The plantation we buy this coffee from is run by the third generation of the family López who grow coffee since 95 years. It produces around 5-6 containers premium SHG qualities on 379 hectares. This coffee is harvested, processed, washed and dried At Finca Los Papales directly. The owners invest heavily in the development of their Finca and supports numerous social projects in the region.



Fraijanes rests on a plateau in the southeastern highlands of Guatemala, which is one of the oldest coffee-growing regions in Latin America. Coffee plants grow on fertile volcanic soils that contain a high proportion of pumice. At an altitude of 1400 to 1800 meters this place is ideally suited for the cultivation of the highest quality coffee. It also benefits from an ideal hot humid climate with 70 to 90 percent humidity and 1500 to 3000 millimeters of rainfall per year. The ripe coffee is hand-harvested between December and February. The Fraijanes offers a balanced flavor and a lively aftertaste. His ambivalent flavor is mild yet savory. He has a fine acidity and his body is elegant, full and rich. A great coffee for connoisseurs.



A particularly mild, full-bodied and fresh coffee from the Tarrazu region in Costa Rica. Tarrazu was formerly inhabited by indigenous people in the highlands region, which has no touristic access. The volcanic soils, the oceanic climate and the intense sunlight contribute to the fact that this coffee is full and palatable at the same time. Only the coffee beans grown over 1300m beans are entitled to bear the shb (strictly hard bean) label.


Turquino Lavado

The best Cuban coffee is the Turquino. Almost still a secret, it is incomparably balanced and spicy. With a very full aroma and an incredibly long-lasting aftertaste, this coffee is grown at lower altitudes, which explains its lower acidity compared to other Central American coffees. This is a coffee for real connoisseurs; its aroma and taste reminds of the character of famous Cuban cigars.


Serrano Superior Finca Rufino Moronta

The finca Rufino Moronta is barely 20 Km from the community “Juncalito” away. It is located in the north of the mountain range “Cordillera Central”, which itself runs along the west of Santo Domingo up to the northwest until the Haitian boarder. This range offers high altitudes of 1200 to 2400 mts. .All together, the tropical climate with high temperatures, humidity and rain is an optimal environment to grow high-quality raw coffee.
Seasons it is thus an ideal area for growing high-quality green coffee