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Anfilo Waldcaffee

This coffee comes from the Anfilo forest around Anfiloo, the mountainous region of Wällägga. Here coffee has been grown for more than 500 years in its original genetic form -mostly wild- and carefully prepared. We buy directly from the cooperative Cueillette where aprox. 100 small farmers with micro plantations of around 2-10 acres are gathered and who have specialized in specialty coffee. Coffee from the rain forests of Ethiopia is known for its spicy taste. In this coffee one can also find unusual flavors of honey and floral notes.

Yirgacheffe Grade II

The Yirgacheffe coffee is one those coffees, which one may rightly describe as perfect. Decades of improvements in quality and ideal environmental conditions have made him a highly sought-after and one of the best coffees in the world. He is considered the peak of the Ethiopian coffee. Its hallmarks are its typical Yirgacheffee-spice and its incomparable citrus. Our gentle roasting is both for infusion in the French press / hand filter as well as for full-automatics.


Mt Huye

An excellent coffee from the “Land of the 1,000 Hills”. Balanced fruity nuances and a full mouthfeel (body) distinguish this variety (Bourbon vermelho). It grows in 1,800 – 2,000 mts on sand and clay soil near the Mount Huye. We recommend it specially for the filter and the French press. Special in this coffee is the harvesting method “selectiv pick”. With this method, only the really ripe (red) coffee cherries are hand-picked from the tree. This provides an exceptional quality, and a very complex flavor profile.




This coffee comes from the East Valley Farm, which was founded in 1999. It is located in the eastern province Imenti Nthibiri in Kenya. The region is rich in humus and clay soils and thus ideal for the cultivation of coffee. The Kenya Ntongoro is processed fully washed and has a phenomenal balance of floral and fruity notes combined with a full, elegant body. We recommend this rarity especially for filtering process.